Friday, May 18, 2012

Measuring the Foot

Well, I've definitely been enjoying the whole process of learning about making bespoke shoes. And I'm really liking the Doylestown area.  Even though there's more traffic here than I'm used to in Flint, the area has a slower feel to it than Flint.  Plumsteadville, where I live, is borderline rural. And there are a lot of cool places in the area to get good food.  

Last Saturday I was in the mood for eating an amazing burger made with high quality ground beef and no hormones etc.  So my roommate and I stopped at Harring Brothers , then picked up some ingredients at the local grocery store to make some killer burgers.  We fired up the grill and had some of the most mouth watering burgers known to mankind.  The exception would be Basically Burgers in Doylestown which has THE best burger I've ever eaten. Anyway, I do like the area.  But now for some shoemaking stuff.

Up until now, most of what I've been doing at the shoe shop is watching and doing small things here and there, both with shoemaking and with shoe repair.  However, I recently convinced Perry that I should start making some of my own shoes.  In seeking to find select the right last for my foot, Perry measured my feet.  I decided this was a good opportunity to take some video so I would remember what he showed me.  I've included a lengthy clip from that session for those who are interested. Tim Skyrme goes over this in his book, Bespoke Shoemaking. This is a great book which is quite comprehensive.

A couple things to remember: Perry insisted I be wearing the same kind of sock I'd be wearing with the shoes I'm being measured for, in this case, a very thin dress sock.  Secondly, his pencil is shaved off on one side so that his line around my foot is right on point.

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