Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Patterns

When you are making shoes, there is a lengthy and detailed process involved in getting your uppers made.  First you tape the last, then you get your mean form, from the mean form you make your standard, and from your standard you can make your pattern pieces.  I've been trying to get video of Perry demonstrating each step.  

The first step and second steps I did mostly without Perry's help, so I didn't have video of him demonstrating it.  But I did manage to get video of him going from the form to the standard. But I kind of screwed up today.  Before I got video of Perry showing me how to get pattern pieces from the standard, I deleted the standard video, because I thought I had transferred it to my computer.  But when I got home, I realized I hadn't and I  spent about 2 hours trying to see if I could recover the deleted files.  Unfortunately, I had no luck!

But I do have the video of Parry making the pattern pieces and this I will post.  If anybody has questions on Perry's method of getting the form and the standard, let me know and I will seek to explain it myself.


  1. It's always fun to see what people are up too. While I didn't have 41 minutes to sit and watch the entire video, I did skim through and found it an interesting process! Thanks for posting it!

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